This time last year, we didn’t really know what to expect when we tentatively opened our gate to campers – the world was going mad with lock-downs, doom and disaster were encroaching and, following a drunken late night conversation, we spontaneously posted the offer of hiring a whole field on facebook.

2020 went really well, our first experience of offering our place was so lovely.

It’s been quite a ride! We’ve been delighted to share fires, songs, and walks with campers as well as axe-throwing, Kate Bush-offs, and plenty of fancy dress!

We are hugely grateful for the respectful way they all used the site, especially for tidying up after themselves so diligently. That the whole season went without any significant hitches is down to campers as much as to us, and we thank you.

Additionally we really appreciate all the feedback, the cards, and the little messages campers have left for us. We particularly love seeing all their photos on Facebook and Instagram – (please like us on social media BTW).

In terms of the survey feedback – 88% of campers reported their experience as excellent and 12% as very good!

We have already had quite a few bookings for this year. So please get in touch sooner rather than later if you want your pick of dates. We’d hate to disappoint any of you!

Thanks again for making the 2020 season such a success and we are really excited to open up again in 2021 once restrictions allow.