Ty Llwyd Fach is a campsite and farm focused on nurturing biodiversity, located near Cross Hands in South Wales. It is well located at the end of the M4.

Take in the wildflower meadow, with mown paths; get lost in the willow circle field; cwtch up in the dome and splash in the stream. Lie in a hammock in the ancient woodland and look for lizards and a rare marsh fritillary butterfly.  

We have been welcoming campers to share the delights the land has to offer for a few years now. We attract an eclectic bunch of campers whose interests vary from wilderness to queer spirit, but they all have one thing in common: they love the sense of freedom Ty Llwyd Fach allows its visitors.

Find out more and answer all your camping related questions in our FAQ. Otherwise, read on below to find out what this land and its inhabitants have to offer! 

Willow Circle Field

A large circle of weeping willows around a large fire pit. 
Small paths, nooks and crannies around the field, managed for wildlife and excellent for hide and seek!


  • 70+ meter walk from car parking space.
  • Reasonably level ground
  • Good for staying up late

Wildflower Meadow

A dynamic, beautiful, open flower-rich meadow.  Buzzing and chirruping insects. Orchids and yellow rattle, birdsfoot trefoil and meadowsweet.  Paths mown for a lovely stroll.  It’s mowed each year – a changeable landscape. 


  • Closest to parking spaces
  • A mix of long grass and mown paths
  • Look out for the hammock

The pond

A magnet for wildlife and a peaceful place.  Teeming with frogs, newts, dragonflies and a nesting pair of lawn flamingos.

The Orchard

A beautiful pear orchard with mown camping pitches and circles of wild flowers. A living willow dome – great for shade and for cozy campfires- and easy access to the rest of the farm, this is the best place for tents!

  • Close to parking spaces
  • Two hot showers and two toilets
  • Reasonably level ground

The Butterfly Meadow

Rare, unimproved wildflower meadow with devils-bit scabious and betony.  Over the stream, it’s a distant, wild experience. 
Home to many lizards and rare butterflies.


  • 150+ meter walk across uneven ground and stream
  • Rough, tussocky ground
  • Sometimes ponies graze here

The woods

Ancient woodland, damp moss and ferns with a stream running through. Wild garlic and bluebells, oak, holly, buzzards, woodpeckers and dormice!


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