We have an incredible, wild, 20 acre farm in South Wales at the end of the M4 where wild Wales starts.  Over the last 8 years, we’ve been managing the land to increase diversity and it’s a beautiful, secluded spot full of wildlife.

We’re hiring out whole fields as a way to offer physically distanced camping.  It really is great value – open air loveliness and a back-to-nature opportunity.

We’ll welcome you (at a distance), direct you to your field and then more or less leave you to it!


More info…

  • How much? It’s £150 per night with a minimum 3 night booking.


  • How many people can come? It’s limited to 8 vehicles per booking – so however many you can fit in 8 vehicles.


  • What about toilets? There are a number of comfortable compost toilets available.  It is essentially pooing in a bucket.  We use sawdust to cut out any smells and eventually use the compost on our fruit trees. We invite you to wee in our hedgerow or in the special designed hedgerow urinals.


  • What about bathing? There is a gass-powered, hot shower and there are private washing areas in both fields.


  • Water access? There’s a tap for each field for washing and drinking.


  • Are we allowed fires? Yes – there’s campfire places in loads of places around our farm. We will provide a barrow-load of logs and some kindling for you when you arrive and we have more wood available to buy if you need it.


  • What exactly is socially distant? Two entire fields are just for you. At a distance, we will direct you to your parking spaces when you arrive, show you to your fields and more or less leave you to it.  We’ll be around if you need us.  If you need things like electric/fridge/etc, then there may be other folk also wanting to use them – we will negotiate safe agreements. 


  • Can I park next to my tent? You can do this in the wildflower meadow, in the other fields it’s a walk of about 100 meters meters. We have wheelbarrows if you need them.


  • Can I bring my camper-van/live-in vehicle? We can accommodate a camper van in one of the fields – the wildflower meadow.


  • Can I have access to a fridge/electricity/phone charger? There is a fridge/freezer, and plug sockets in one of the outbuildings – others may be using this building so normal distancing requirements are in place and will be clearly communicated.


  • Is there indoor space? There are outbuildings but we can’t promise that they won’t be used by others so distancing procedures to be agreed.


  • What if it rains? It’s Carmarthenshire so there may well be rain, there are various out-buildings but we can’t promise that others won’t have used them so agreement needed.


  • Can we have a party? It’s fine to have songs around a campfire and as much booze as you can carry but we want you to respect the wildlife – including our neighbours across the valley – no broken glass and rubbish. Any loud electronic music needs to end by 11pm.


  • Can I bring a dog? Well behaved dog (owners) welcome if you can guarantee they won’t go into another field because that’s annoying for others. Please flick their poo into the hedgerow so it doesn’t upset future campers.


  • Can I bring kids? Yes, children welcome. You need to be aware that there are many risks around the farm, including deep water in the pond.

Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


We'd love to hear from  you, happy to have a chat about your stay...